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how to use Huawei p40 pro

Now while we at how to use Huawei p40 pro-six-point six-inch flagship beast we get some Sears the stacks how to use Huawei p40 pro hardware include a new to Cortland scummy get up beefy Kirin nine ninety chipset in that with full five G. support of course on some

serious battery tech as well to keep you going all day and get you powered up in no time that’s more than enough how to use Huawei p40 pro me buying in on this pull it out of its box and soul thought slick new design work as well and that’s a bit of, how to use Huawei p40 pro a tour of the rest of the hardware and the software to informally

as Chris took these two pumps of scribe how to use Huawei p40 pro, not notifications bell which is first of let’s see where she gets inside the box you get, you pulled the how to use Huawei p40 pro like you got to go bundled kalam case in that as well as just an excellent cheap simple offense to help keep your new how to use Huawei p40 pro

looking pristine besides I agree to put it up to plug she’ll forget three pens if you order it here in the UK you got your type C. how to use Huawei p40 pro USB option I think on ice-free bundle Pat phones love the stuff so is the box honey excites him but now let’s get on to the right thing so here we all I’m Rappin the well we have how to use Huawei p40 pro for the very first time, and first impressions split H

mystical these nasty little stickers off so we can fully appreciate the people oppose the statics. There we have it stunning now this, of course, is a shiny glass version of the how-to-use Huawei p40 pro probably pick it up the mountain class finish if you like in the polished version it’s available in three different uses of the blue version you could also grow up in ice white or black the fee in a very premium vibe from the how to use Huawei p40 pro so far it’s not as much a gradient effect as

Huawei flagship phones but certainly this blue color is very stern and indeed because of public personally prefer a more massive finished my small phones is a gal smudgy fingerprints all over it if you do want to pick it up in my you can grab any of the silver frosts or blush gold present as a good have to as well around SO two hundred gram mark at the estimate and hopefully should stand the test of time quite nicely usually these well with flagships a pre-holiday set

in the back and front, and the displays do tend to scratch a little bit sorry there’s no pre-installed screen protector here on. how to use Huawei p40 pro The how to use Huawei p40 pro poll as you want to slap your old one just to make sure it stays in good Nick is you got full IP sixty-eight water and dust resistance is certainly no worries it’s going to take in the shower for crafty self feel something so let’s open up about some tree and see what we’ve got is a basically

a double-sided Tracy got a room on one side view sim card flip it around and space there for your and M. memory card while his proprietary memory cards see no micro SD support, unfortunately, but you have to do is bite one of the always-on calls if you want to expand that storage directly, do get ten to fifty-six gig the standard to be plenty for most people via media and apps, some is going to stick my sim card in

there and then hopefully we got some gas in the tank, and we can get the what we how to use Huawei p40 pro all powered up tickets are about hardware and software writes the mod Huawei P40 pro premium is all set up I’m good to go, and now that the phonies all powered up you can see that six-point five-inch screen nice and clear hopefully you’ll be able to make out a bit more of the

design diesel bit more clearly now as also as you can see the screen kind of fold over the edge of the how to use Huawei p40 pro just as it did on previous what we have is that, but I’ve also these Ryzen corners what sort of bump up to meet the display as influenced by war to surface tension go figure because you’ll see that there is a white pinhole cuts out for the Jul selfie cam in the top left corner of the how to use Huawei p40 pro posts space so I could

of course, be slightly intrusive when you watch it said in video streaming services in full view mode, but the vast majority do cut off just before you get to that the whole effort any way I was twenty-six forty by twelve hundred pixel resolution so everything is beautiful and pin-sharp as you can see that gorgeous for Bette movie playback, but I shop called trust on their full customization of the color output as well so you can set it sweet and vivid’s again of a more natural production if you like

let’s dive into the space sentencing see the refresh rate can to either standard or high is ninety hat standard is because sixty had something does not dynamic option, so the how to use Huawei p40 pro proconsul the switch between the two depending on what you’re up to but hopefully, fingers crossed but try to stay healthy even Hi-res I know there’s no one hundred twenty has more, but about ninety has double everything said he seems so he’s

moving hope will be plenty of apps supports and speaking about the support it is the motion you I. version ten point one has slapped on top of android ten of ours got a new version which is just because you downloaded right now straight out of the box, of course, is no Google services on board any of the how-to-use Huawei p40 pro  phones just like there weren’t boards that meet the thirties before it, so it means when it comes down to not too but the likes of the Huawei app gallery which

you can note down the list of stuff for me, but the likes of Amazon’s app store another third-party option as well and I’m just putting the thought to my old apps on here from my previous phone using the phone clone app as well as as you see they got like so what’s up messages Skype Twitter at such and such you full support for B. B. C. I play now as well so if you live here in the good old U K. you can stream a good bit of BBC I play content, but suddenly there’s no off

course the likes of Netflix and various other video streaming services such as shelter which I’m a bit of the fun of affected due to logging in this shot in period undoubtedly well hopefully Google apps such as Google chrome and maps all support here on the how to use Huawei p40 pro pull others like G. email the new chips on the still will not work so you will have to use as the google chrome to get on board with go, but you choose an option or of

course the third party app but anyway I’ll be bringing you a full in-depth what we P. fourteen people you pro tips and tricks guide in the next day or so the state you vote for in-depth look emotionally template one all the best features stacked on their own as is now pretty much standard for flagship premium small for anyone in-display fingerprint sensibilities

that how to use Huawei p40 pro  screen it’s a probably a thirty percent larger sense than before so I’m assuming that’s a comparison with how to use Huawei p40 pro  that’s also possibly thirty percent faster as well so it seems pretty nippy and touches wood reliable even though my hands are super trying chance with all the constant motion and of course, goes full face recognition that supports

here on the how to use Huawei p40 pro pros well he’s not chill outlands a front-facing camera I also pull, and there is also good news if you’re close to the use your phone in the dark I just give it a give the public a quick tap and boom straight. Desktops no hanging about the meeting see the lock screen that I can be reached week suppose well says to try that again

smash Novgorod about the P. forty pro is not B. as adults you may remember the lost his how to use Huawei p40 pro-small phones did not have a stereo speaker setup us because they don’t have an eight-piece because they’ve done away with that and what you get instead is it in display vibration technology when if you’re on a phone call ever on the how to use Huawei p40 pro uses the same tech, so once again, you just got a mono speaker output the volume

Tell you what the topic is if I’m a philosophy cut and that’s your ordeal pretty much dead because it’s already flocked it’s just not very pleasant always busy over here that even with a mono speaker output the clarity is still super strong volume is brilliant on the top levels to be able to hear what have you all this into all watching even in noisy environments something no headphone Jack support

here on the how to use Huawei p40 pro polo while we did decide to bring it back just like Saudi did for its expiry one month save on the performance front as well as seven-nanometer Kirin nine ninety-five G. chipset backed by a selection of rum depends on which region you’re in which model you go for, and this how-to-use Huawei p40 pro post got it gigs around such a keep it running very smoothly and dates yes you do

of course, have full of five G. supports his mostly built into that current nine ninety chipsets just turn it on off the quick tap this icon here and I know a lot of people still on without first about five G., but least if you’re going to use the phone for next couple of years you will not be the future-proofing on boards it was a wifi six pole bit Bluetooth five-point one, and I see all the stuff that you would expect a call from a premium flagship device as for the battery of four

thousand two dominium sell stuffed inside the ball with P. forty pro unknown how energy-efficient lights emotion you I. ten usually should be able to get a full day of use out of that no problem at all even with reasonably intensive use of these power-saving modes and everything of course what do when got forty walks fast charging on that, and you’ve also got forty what fast wireless charging on board as well pretty standard stuff

of course, you need a compatible wireless charger as such as well with on how to use Huawei p40 pro  efforts a good bit of wireless service charge, and if you want to charge up a successor on the go like a parrot, she wants to say about this all of which funny games brings us on to the quad lens or a camera package very fresh

new hardware in deeds the first of as you can see that is somewhat chunky here on the P. for people that come to a chassis Justin slightly from the surface and is quite a boxy arrangement as well similar to the likes of the iPhone eleven you some phones stuffy nose ugly as up iPhone coverage, however, it looks but most

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