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how to introduce Oppo F11 pro

Oppo F11 Pro: Super Features

in how to introduce Oppo F11 pro will be doing the unboxing and have a look at the scoreboard how to introduce Oppo F11 pro now through the smartphone, the front-facing camera to be slides above, and then there’s a six gigabyte sixty-four GB variant.


And it also says that it has a forty-eight-megapixel dual rear-facing camera and comes with the mules walk us throughput charting version three it says four thousand. how to introduce Oppo F11 pro yeah Bob are free hi published on the sixteen points five furniture that’s ending with a screen that is a six-point five-inch and guys this is motive unite as a country six gigabytes of ram sixty-four

GB and they have mondo the price, so I don’t know the pricing but a generally this old bowl FOR CD’s artists like premium, so I’m expecting that the pricing of this one the. how to introduce Oppo F11 pro the launch will be on a slight premium anyways, but I know the pricing for livestock in their the description, so let’s quickly open the shop. We just open up the box like Oppo F11 pro comes armed land tussle for like looks like you send some of your totals and stuff

they into trouble as you can see over here doctor keys so, so the key is going to be slightly on the better side it’s normal what is relevant plastic case party up it has like facts are good quality case we give back


to the side, this will be some paperwork and stuff you can find a game for the team for now and then this is the device itself. And this is supposed to have a six point-five inches screen guards. Presidency from the barter looks nice again there during the one colour we come back to the device they don’t let’s see what else. It also comes out, and this will be the. how to introduce Oppo F11 pro

Hold him just stick him in the micro USB cable. They should have given a USB type C. causing that pop-up camera forty-megapixel super walk, and we also get a headset inside the box so I can get it had sent and. Similar to Dr forty-six apple, your bars and domes offer looks; let’s also look at this charger is supposed to be the keeper of Walker.

Three let’s look at the leading on this it says five more tired four amps but so that’s about twenty B. what’s if I’m not wrong should be interesting to see how quickly charges so let me give these things to the site and let’s look at the device itself so here is the device that sent five thousand six points five-inch full HD screen guys and if you notice you’re it’s an opening so the front-facing camera we come out of this

month and this is the second reunites cancellation microphone the board be actually the frame looks to be merger doc as the looks like the last guys here, and here we have the same tree on this, and so let’s open it up and see, and this is six gigabytes of ram and sixty-four GB of storage space. It’s a hybrid slot K. so do nonsense on the same on a micro SD card, so that’s what

we get kind of bought off Martin is on the side bottom this will be for the U. S. how to introduce Oppo F11 pro speaker micro USB port being microphone three point five MM headphone Jack and on this and we just have the volume rockers and just open this up, and it’s a seasonal pull over here so they can only actually product updates, yes and by the time I boarded up, and I set it up to let me give you a configuration or view this opal how to introduce Oppo F11 pro

is having a six-point five-inch full HD plus ideas into the screen in nineteen points five to nine aspect ratio the best part about he’ll be selling B. octa-core chipset it has six gigabytes of ram sixty-four GB all for internal storage we do the recon right said you could not set up the main cameras forty-eight megapixels at how to introduce Oppo F11 pro

point eight and the secondary camera is a five-megapixel it also has a fundraising sixteen-megapixel camera and it has a rear fingerprint scanner and a four thousand I’m bottom back free, so guys have just finished setting up this device as you can see it because it has started raising capital from here we don’t have any knowledge

of stuff with me actually given and if you open the camera app and as you can see it initially began we didn’t even realize and yeah I can just coast I’m not this one saw on the news what is a colourless sake so as you can see Arkansas office changed a little bird but let’s go under the hard currency what’s the android version and other stuff if you go to a bar to form it’s running on unreal engine nine that is on the right by so that’s a

the beautiful thing let’s just go back and out of data sixty-four gigabytes of about forty-seven point five gigabytes will be available to you, and I believe the so the phone comes on, you know why. how to introduce Oppo F11 pro I’m not really into from that six gigabytes of ram, so that’s what it does and if you go over. Here we also have an act three which is actually

the jury not found onboard devices combined with this colour was six as you can see doctor Lestat let’s see if we got an instruction to bring start option if you that’s uninstalled as you can see down and started to see browser so you can uninstall let’s try one more. And as you can see you can uninstall some of the bloatware doctors pre-installed

on the phone, so we have that three-handed, this is running the media to QB seventy-two a per cent which is pretty good in performance closer to and slightly faster than the snapdragon six sixty I would say soul in general performance should be reasonable because it has that six gigabytes of ram that’s one to check the fingerprints Calgary’s Alex is really fast as you can see the morning touch ID unlock so very responsive fingerprint scanner

and are you said the screen is starting on the larger side six-point five-inch screen, but its IPS MTV scream out as you can see the viewing angles are right? Now let’s find out the camera on this, so this is a typical opal camera interferes fact we have seen so one X. two X. three have earned, and portrait morgue let’s see. We should look for the human subjects AS IT comes I’m pretty short sleeve drunk guys and

now let’s look at though what do you see a front-facing camera again as you can see just pops out and. It seems like some beauty more S. three I just remembered I don’t like to thank you too much better does that hi it’s detecting your face as you can see so let me do one thing guys make me did a lot of sample shots outdoors, and he went in and

lighting conditions so that you have a better idea regarding the camera performance, so the samples are sharp with the rear-facing camera of the how-to introduce Oppo F11 pro. and as you can see it has a lot of fine detail in the and even the colour reproduction is right these are some of the closes up macro shots that I took, and as you can see even for these close up macro shots we have a lot of detail and

the colours look good so for close up shots on so if we do you could jump into human subjects, these were taken in the Norman Moore and as you can see the colours don’t expect off very quickly, so is the exact truck is excellent. how to introduce Oppo F11 pro the rear-facing camera and these in the portrait book came more and even when you zoom in as you can see it has a lot of debate because of that forty-eight megapixel

l last sense that now these were taken artificial lighting conditions and I was surprised that even a false lighting condition even when you zoom in we have a lot of PPL with the read facing camera and these in the portrait mode and artificial lighting the shots were taken with the front-facing camera that’s a sixteen megapixel, and I think the front-facing cameras shop and these were

made with the booking morning neighbours, I feed on the book and what are the name of the front-facing camera it’s still a process and the samples in artificial lighting with the front-facing camera and these were taken with the booking more twist on artificial indoor lighting so guys that’s it for now for the unboxing and first look at the school board how to introduce Oppo F11 pro indeed, interesting device but will be interesting to see how will prices this one in India anyway these guys, what do you think about this opal how to introduce Oppo F11 pro

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