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how to introduce huawei y9 : Review in techreadin international

how to introduce huawei y9

How to introduce Huawei y9 this is my boxing and review of the why we why and I. S. this is not to be confused with the how-to introduce Huawei y9 twenty nineteen all wine and prime twenty nineteen which I reviewed on let’s go ahead and pull out the sticker on the back end on the front this is the excellent thing crystal color also comes in midnight black that’s a screen protector already applied let’s March on while you see what else is in the box we have an envelope that houses the sim ejector tool the user guide

Let C. P. U. case with all the necessary courthouse on the bottom compartment we get a standard stand watch charger a USB type C. cable. Our phones on the phones we have a six-point five nine each for each D. plus IPS LCD with nineteen points five by how to introduce  Huawei y9  aspect ratio on top of that display you have a sixteen-megapixel camera and earpiece on

the back you have a triple camera sets off a forty-eight megapixel main shoots up it megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens two-megapixel camera for depth sensing with flash you also get somewhere we are branding you have nothing on the rights you have your volume rocker and a power button that doubles up as your fingerprints and so on the top of the device you have a microphone, and hybrid steam treat outhouses to how to introduce  Huawei y9

now seems well one seem and one SD card on the bottom you have your speaker grille and USB type C. ports a second microphone and a three-point five-millimeter headphone Jack aluminum frame and glass bottle the wine I guess this is premium it has a tiny camera phone honestly not to lots of nutrients phones

I’ve seen look or feel distant the briefing crystal gradient color is a fingerprints repellents which is something you don’t see very often on a midrange phone we saw it first on the how-to introduce  Huawei y9  twenty series the one I ask is a phablet-sized phone a lot of what you see upfront is the display no notch all punch holes similar to when

I print twenty nineteen, and it’s all thanks to donning motorized pop-up camera this will he keep close this plea he’s pretty bright outdoors, which will consume the media. You can watch you two videos in ten eighty P. it is not the most color-accurate display out there, but it is customizable to suit your taste. Comes in six gigs of ram and one twenty-eight gig of storage ships with android nine hi at EMU I might point.

One slapped on top of it this has full-service support, and we’ll be getting regular updates he gets, all the same, the features you saw the wind I’m friends once in nineteen I was kind of hoping for the dark mood for second species, but I guess these features for flagships about performance. how to introduce  Huawei y9

is why always hi silicon Kirin seven-ten SEP you clocked at two point two gigahertz this isn’t the latest midrange cheap by while we what it is tested and trusted still breezes through most tasks without locking or heating up and I haven’t gotten complaints about any of the older phones running on his cheek the fingerprint sensor super fast You don’t even have to press the power button this is the

The First side-mounted fingerprint sensor from why we view I’m quite impressed I wasn’t even a fine of team mounted fingerprint sensors before now when it comes to gaming, as usual, I please talk to your default settings, which as graphics and video frame rates he had his games just like how to introduce

eight France one to nineteen ninety to separate given few for its games like pass twenty nineteen and households nine I’ll be listening to it’s all purple, and description box do let me know if there are any more games you like me to test on this guy about battery life the four thousand media pop battery got me through a full day of using mostly social media apps and three-plus hours of pop G. on wifi is giving me eleven hours of screen on time with seventeen percent left to stay quite depressing for it displayed to speak how to introduce  Huawei y9

the battery temperature running more cooling medium to heavy usage is probably what keeps its artists often performance it took me one hour fifty-nine minutes to charge from zero to one hundred percent he does not support fast charging that through an I. camera all the whining as has seen some significant upgrades over the wine and crime scenes in nineteen now you have a forty-eight-megapixel shooter which isn’t set you to have it set up twelve megapixel has recommended looking at this two side by side . how to introduce  Huawei y9

you can barely tell the difference well when you crop the image you see way more details on the fourteen-megapixel shots it does take a second to construct process the model for the forces to capture you maybe wanted to leave its deception taking close up shots like these don’t require you to switch to fourteen megapixels because as you can see it is quite detailed just as he is if you plan to post on social media how to introduce  Huawei y9

The portrait mode does identify and block the background but also isn’t quite as sharp as the permissions the selfie portrait mode is not as accurate when it comes to my face what I like is the night mode and how it makes all the difference when it comes to capturing details indoors the midrange ness of the camera shows rides and lots which isn’t a bad thing if you’re not expecting anything like that like new edition once you get screen flash for your late-night, so fees which I’m still not showing anybody does shoot videos in ten eighty P. how to introduce  Huawei y9

Some are currently recording the front-facing camera the why we when I S. and I can see a bit of overexposure around the site unless you top on it and then you see that the gate is green but here’s what I’ll do is sounds like what we want S. may be a criminal operate over the extensive eyed presence in nineteen but in this largely overlooks fabulous category the premium view camera upgrades at definitely what the price difference now they are quite a several contacts average size between smartphones how better specs but the white knight S. isn’t playing dot

The fact that you would even consider it means that you either have to be counts for you consume a lot of media cool for some reason you love the middle of the road between the top left on the phone most phones that remotely look like the white knight S. I don’t get too expensive for me also. how to introduce  Huawei y9

Austin the what the white knight S. at ninety-eight thousand nine hundred and I write which converts to two hundred and seventy-five U. S. dollars and you can pre-order it’s on Jumia stocks and now to the fifteenth of December to get the wobbly bond for you for free I believe in a pre-order link in the description thanks for watching and please give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it also follow how to introduce  Huawei y9 read more

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